Version 2.5.3
Building and installing WiredTiger on Windows

Building using Git and GitHub

Skip this step if you are building from a WiredTiger release package, and proceed with Building on Windows

First, clone the repository:

git clone git://

Now proceed with Building on Windows

Building on Windows

Building WiredTiger on Windows requires SCons as well as the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Change directory to the top-level directory, then build the software:

cd wiredtiger

To rebuild from scratch, discard any previous configuration by cleaning out the build area:

scons -c

To see additional configuration options, run:

scons --help

To build the python language support, a 64-bit version of Python is required. The required version is referred to as x86-64 on or x64 on ActiveState Python.

Installing WiredTiger

The WiredTiger software consists of a library and a single standalone utility.

WiredTiger's distribution follows the GNU Coding Standards installation guidelines, and by default WiredTiger builds and installs a static library and dll version of the library.

file <root directory>/package/bin/
wt.exe: x64 standalone executable
wiredtiger.dll: x64 dynamically linked library
file <root directory>/package/lib/
libwiredtiger.lib: x64 static library
wiredtiger.lib: x64 import library for dll

To install WiredTiger:

scons install

To install WiredTiger's libraries or binaries into alternate locations, you can use the –prefix configuration option.

scons --prefix=c:\wiredtiger install

Configuring WiredTiger

The WiredTiger software supports some additional configuration options:

Configure WiredTiger to sleep and wait for a debugger to attach on failure. DO NOT configure this option in production environments.
Configure WiredTiger to perform various run-time diagnostic tests. DO NOT configure this option in production environments.
Build the WiredTiger Python API, requires path to swig.exe on Windows.
Configure WiredTiger for snappy compression; see Compressors for more information.
Configure WiredTiger to support the verbose configuration string to wiredtiger_open.
Configure WiredTiger for zlib compression; see Compressors for more information.