Version 11.3.0
General information on portability

Supported CPU architectures

The supported list of CPU target architectures may be found by inspecting the WT_ARCH variable present in the cmake configuration. Note that the loongarch64 platform is community-supported.

POSIX compliance

WiredTiger aims to be generally portable to any 64-bit system supporting the ANSI C11 and POSIX 1003.1 standards. Unfortunately, the real world is a little messier than the standards dictate, so WiredTiger may not compile (or work correctly) on every POSIX platform.

If WiredTiger does fail to compile (or work correctly) on your platform, we welcome either a bug report or a pull request.


To see a list of the CPU and operating system combinations WiredTiger is currently tested on, please visit our test results page. This list is determined by the availability of suitable machines. The lack of an operating system or CPU architecture on this page does not make it unsupported.